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NEC Energy

NEPL is a company incorporated under the Indian Companies Act 1956, to specialize in fulfilling the energy needs of the India with a prime focus in the north eastern part of the country. The company has its registered office in New Delhi, India.

NEPL is in to setting up Hydro Electric Power Plants on Build, Own & Operate basis and to Finance, Upgrade, Operate and Maintain existing Hydro Power Plants primarily in the north eastern region of India.

Incidently, the North Eastern Region of India also has the highest potential for generation of hydro electricity in India.

Accelerating Development in the small Hydro Power Sector

The Government of India now offers special incentives in the Power sector, especially in small Hydro Power Schemes for accelerating development in the Sector in the form of survey & investigations, detailed project report, interest subsidy for commercial projects, capital subsidy for government sector projects & renovation & modernization of old projects.

Driven by rising demand in the Power sector, governmental policies and support available to infrastructure development projects, NEC Energy Pvt. Ltd., is all set to surge ahead to tap this latent potential.


Unlike base load generators, NEPL derives much of its value from risk, uncertainty and volatility in the electricity market. The fast start and flexible operating capability of its hydro assets (proposed & existing) would enable the company to manage these risks and thereby make it possible for the company to offer other market participants a broad range of risk management products. The company is striving to increase its range of risk management while reducing its overall risk exposure. Consistent with this strategy, the company will continue its assessment of opportunities for the establishment of generating capability .The company intends to maintain its share of the peaking energy market.

The company places strategic importance on enhancing competitiveness through market assessment, improving effectiveness and market intelligence


A substantial risk management and compliance infrastructure is developed for the projects. However, significant other risks arise from the age of plant and equipment, maintenance issues, an environment of change impacting on corporate and supplier knowledge systems, the state of communication and control technology and facility, working environment of the region, etc. and these issues have to be dealt with early in the life of the projects. But priority is being given to responding to those risks arising from the market, environmental obligations and occupational health and safety.

A structured risk management plan has been envisaged through process re engineering, organization design and restructuring, cost reduction and profit improvement.

In order to make the power companies more competitive and successful, other factors like investment climate, capacity building, sustainable development, integrated risk management systems, operating efficiency, asset performance, entry and growth strategy, good governance, etc are also being given due attention


NEPL shall Build, Own and Operate Hydro-Electric Schemes and manage as its core businesses -
The provision of electrical energy and electricity risk management services within the National Electricity market
The storage and diversion of bulk water to the rivers and the provision of associated risk management products.
The creation and marketing of products derived from water, electricity and environmental services
NEPL aspires to be the premier supplier of renewable electric energy, electricity risk management products and electrical ancillary services in the private sector.


NEPL practices a high standard of corporate governance and business ethics. A focus on strategic technology alliance for exploring opportunities in new and emerging markets and simultaneously adhering to world class benchmarks, cutting edge technology, innovative resource solution and business restructuring for long term benefit for all - government, company, stakeholder and society.

"To deliver superior financial returns by being the preferred supplier of flexible energy and related products; developing our people and utilizing our physical assets and water resources in order to exceed customer and stakeholder expectations while demonstrating best practices in safety, health, asset and environmental management."

To achieve the goals of this mission statement, the organization is planning actively to adopt innovative programmes covering:

Clean, green and safe (corporate wide focus).
Continuous improvement (team focus).
Goals, Actions, Measures Performance Appraisals (individual focus).
ISO9000 Certification (quality systems).
ISO14000 Certification (environmental systems).
National Safety Council Certification.
Company wide incentives/rewards programme.
Best Practice visits.
Identification of 'model' markets and 'model' companies.
Learning organisation and knowledge transfer programmes.
Business systems review and simplification.
Focus on 'Economic Value Addition'.


NEPL’s electrical energy would be traded into the NEM power pool. NEPL aspires to be the only single private-sector supplier of renewable energy in the NEM from the region.

Through the provision of specialized products and services, NEPL shall continue to play a key role in maintaining the operational security in the power sector.

NEPL will actively pursue a robust but financially sustainable growth strategy to fulfill its potential to grow shareholder value and enhance future dividends to share holders in an effective and prudent manner. NEPL’s financial strategy would automatically generate for the Government, Department of Power an assured revenue stream. It aims to be the industry leader in profitable renewable energy and related Risk Management products.


For hydropower projects, NEPL has a strategic Technical tie-up with Korea Water Resources Corporation [K-WATER formerly known as KOWACO], a State owned corporation of the Government of Korea.

K-WATER is a world ranking, State owned corporation of the Government of Korea and is involved in drinking water systems, flood control systems etc., and owns seventeen (17) Hydropower Plants and Operates and Maintains all the seventeen remotely from its headquarters located at Daejon, Korea. In terms of Megawattage it generates 1,014 MW appx. The total revenue receipts of K-WATER for the year of 2005 is USD 1.6 billion approximately and the total assets amounting to over USD 11.120 billion approximately.

NEPL through the process of tendering have been awarded the Operation & Maintenance Lease for 3 x 8 MW Likimro Hydroelectric Power Project of the Government of Nagaland wef June 8, 2006. NEPL has repaired and continuously been upgrading and generating electricity from the project and supplying to the State Grid under Technical Assistance from K-Water. Incorporating world-class technology and experience, NEPL have displayed consistent performance in the 3 x 8 MW Likimro Hydroelectric Power Project by way of optimized power generation

NEPL and its dedicated team of technical professionals provide continuous overall engineering support, alternative technical solution and periodically evaluate facilities and equipment for operability, design modification, procurement, etc

NEPL is pursuing for Clean Development Mechanism [CDM] for carbon footprint of Likimro Hydroelectric Power Project for availing of CDM benefits as per Kyoto Protocol, wherein the basic objective is to reduce Green House Gas [GHGs] emissions to assist developing countries in achieving sustainable development by introducing clean and efficient technologies

NEPL at the request of the Salomi Village Council is also investigating the PETA Fall (Upper Likimro) Project, and have already conducted the Topograhical Survey and currently is studying the hydrological details.

NEPL has domain expertise in Operations & Maintenance of small hydro power plants.The Promoter Director of NEPL, Mr. S. Bhattacharyya has been instrumental in bringing the first successful private investment in the Power sector in the State of Assam.

Solar Power Generation

NEPL have entered in to an Agreement with HQMC Korea Co. Limited to set up a JV for setting-up 10 MW Solar Power Project with financing and thus carries the distinction of being the first success story in the Solar Power Generation in the North East region.

Striking a perfect balance between technology, environment and humanity and a sincere effort at fulfilling its corporate responsibility to society has elicited respect, confidence and trust from various social councils as expressed in their letters of appreciation.